Key Areas of Expertise in Jewelry Manufacturing 

Hand Fabrication

Diamond and Gemstone Setting

Advanced Training Systems

Hand Engraving

Hand Rendering

Jewelry Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Facility Setup








  • High Jewelry Master Craftsman
  • Luxury Jewelry Designer
  • Master Engraver
  • Gemstone Purveyor & Aficionado
  • Manufacturing Technology Expert






The Art of Ornimental Hand Engraving with Jason Marchiafava.This 6.5 hour, 4 disc set is an instructional masterpiece. It is as if you are sitting in Jason’s classroom. The video course was shot at New Approach School For Jewelers using multi-camera views for the most in-depth presentation of hand engraving techniques ever produced.

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Click on the videos below to see the preview and interview footage!


The following pages represent a lifetime journey, pursuing the highest forms of precious metal construction and adornment techniques for High Jewelry.  The application of these techniques requires absolute dedication, patience, and discipline acquired over many years in order to execute works that transition into the fine art category or "Museum Quality" classification. Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy. 

  Jason Marchiafava


03 Experience


Bulino Engraving Study Abroad

Firmo & Francesca Fracassi, Giancarlo and Stefano Pedretti, Creative Art, Manrico Torcoli, Mario Terzi, Gianfranco Pedersoli, Bottega Incisioni Caesare Giovanelli

Gardone Val Trompia, Italy. Studied the works and techniques some of the  world's most reknown Engraving Masters. (Visits: 2002 initial, 2003, and 2004)


Engraving Artist

Traverse City, MI- Christian DeCamillis
Engraving apprenticeship, working artist jewelry, gun and knife engraver


Master Engraver Status

Firearms Engravers Guild of America
Achieved master status as the youngest in the guild's history at 24 years old


Visiting Master Instructor

New Approach School for Jewelers
Ornamental Hand Engraving Instructor


Master Instructor

New Approach School for Jewelers
Repair, Setting, Fabrication


Intaglio and Banknote Engraving

American Numismatic Association (ANA) Scholarship 

Studied Techniques of Intaglio and Banknote Engraving and Printing under Christopher Madden (Chief Engraver BP&E) 


Facility Development & Training

NASJ and Demixon Eurostar- Qing Dao,China

Championed setting training development plan and facility initiative.


Manager-Designer-Artisan Partnership

Dancing Designs Jewelry
Design, Fabrication, and Sales of High Jewelry


Tiffany & Co. Master Craftsman

Tiffany & Company-Lexington, KY

Joined Tiffany & Co as the first and only Master Craftsman in the firm's nearly 200 year history.


Tiffany & Co. Master Craftsman

Tiffany & Company-Lexington, KY
Designed and oversaw development of facility craft departments, and championed training development initiatives.


Tiffany & Co. Master Craftsman & Director Process Development and Technology

Tiffany Workshop-NYC

Oversaw the construction of famed Blue Book High Jewelry pieces made in the Historic Tiffany Workshop above the Historic Flagship store on 5th Avenue in NYC. Host for VIP Tours of the Tiffany Workshop and Blue Book Events.


Tiffany & Co. Master Craftsman & Director Process Development and Technology

Tiffany & Company-Bangkok Thailand
Designed and oversaw development of facility craft departments, as well training development initiatives.


Tiffany & Co Master Craftsman and Director Process Development & Technology

Tiffany & Company- RI

Championed the implementation of state of the art technologies used in master model making for lean jewelry manufacturing.


Master Craftsman-Manufacturing Consultant-Artist-Euntrapreneur

J.Fava-NASJ Franklin,TN

Bangkok, Thailand
Resident Master Craftsman


Chasing & Repouse'

Richard Prillaman-PA

Chasing tool making and ornamental chasing and repouse' techniques.


Hand Engraving Training- GRS

Sam Alfano, Mike Dubber, Scott Pilkington, Christian DeCamillis
 Studied basic and advanced techniques in hand engraving. Gold Inlay, Bulino Engraving, relief and sculpted engraving.


Marche' Jewelers

Bench Jeweler-Oaklyn,NJ

First Apprenticeships and training in Jewelry repair, Manufacturing, and Setting, Fabrication, Casting, Wax.


Ornamental Hand Engraving- New Approach School for Jewelers

Hratch Nargizian-Va Beach, VA

Hand push ornamental hand engraving for jewelry applications. (2nd class 2001)


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