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Hand Fabrication

Diamond and Gemstone Setting

Advanced Training Systems

Hand Engraving

Hand Rendering

Jewelry Manufacturing Technology

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  • High Jewelry Master Craftsman
  • Luxury Jewelry Designer
  • Master Engraver
  • Gemstone Purveyor & Aficionado
  • Manufacturing Technology Expert

Custom Hand Engraved Timepieces


ūüí•IT'S HERE!!ūüí•

The Art of Ornimental Hand Engraving with Jason Marchiafava.This 6.5 hour, 4 disc set is an instructional masterpiece. It is as if you are sitting in Jason‚Äôs classroom. The video course was shot at New Approach School For Jewelers using multi-camera views for the most in-depth presentation of hand engraving techniques ever produced.


Now Available for Instant Download through Rio Grande Jewelry Supply


Click on the videos below to see the preview and interview footage!


The following pages represent a lifetime journey, pursuing the highest forms of precious metal construction and adornment techniques for High Jewelry.  The application of these techniques requires absolute dedication, patience, and discipline acquired over many years in order to execute works that transition into the fine art category or "Museum Quality" classification. Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy. 

  Jason Marchiafava


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